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Love made. Living Art. Walking Passion. – Petchploy sells original art privately and is represented by carefully selected art galleries internationally. To discuss further representations, art collaborations, custom art negotiation, please contact Petchploy’s manager
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Artist bio – Petchploy Pongsuwan (Lady Pitchayatida P. Pongsuwan) is an artist based in Thailand and Australia. She was born a natural artist. She has enjoyed appreciating art and crafts since she was young. While she pursued other professional fields of interest, she never abandoned art, as it is an integral part of her true nature. Petchploy creates various kinds of artwork, each a perfect masterpiece contributing to the world. She goes by the name and trades as the Petchploy ©️Art.

“I believe that art, beauty, and creativity have the power to connect people, inspire change, healing, and transform the world. I persevere with the value of living with art and refinement. I strive to create beautiful and valuable artworks for my own well-being and to enrich the world through the Petchploy Art brand” P. Pongsuwan -Artist

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